Hey there! My name is Melissa Duran. I empower coaches, authors, and speakers to grow their business.

I understand. You're busy. You have a lot on your plate. You're juggling coaching clients, marketing your business, growing, building a course, writing an ebook. You name it, you've thought about doing it.

How do I fit in? Glad you asked.

You know that feeling you get when you coach a client and they "get it"? They followed your advice and they were able to accomplish a goal or grow in ways they didn't know they could? Well, that's the feeling I get when I can help coaches!

For 12 years I cultivated my skills in the corporate world. But when you run out of vacation days in August and one of your kids happens to get the flu- again- you get that desire to be free.

I started my business to have freedom from the corporate world but the best part is that I'm loving it. I love it when a client tells me "You rock" or when they ask me to do something and I can tell them confidently that it's handled. Or better yet, that it's already done!

I get it. I know what you are going through and I am here to help! Set up a free consultation call and let's discuss your pains, needs, and growth opportunities.